A successful cloud architecture is about striking many balances: between security and self-service; between investing in future innovation and managing present budget challenges; and between under-utilization and overspending. Aligning IT and business strategies and empowering non-technical users can strike the right balance.

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    The cloud's growth is a big success story, but a closer look reveals problems. While companies might flock to the cloud for initial cost savings, the ROI on their cloud migrations often falls short. 

    Download the playbook that explores why over two-thirds of companies report a low ROI from cloud migration investments, and how they can position themselves to get better results. Topics include:

    • Over-spending on duplicative and complex cloud services.
    • The roles of under-utilization and collaboration with IT departments.
    • How understanding business cases and evolving governance models can help.
    • Simplifying access to data and applications to democratize analytics.


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