The speed and scale at which new cloud resources can be spun up has resulted in uncontrolled deployments, misconfigurations, and security risks. Worse, it has had security teams racing to secure the business' rapid cloud migration.

While many organizations have successfully extended their prevention and detection capabilities to the cloud, they are now experiencing another major gap - understanding the true scope and impact of an incident. Cloud forensics and its benefits are now in the hot seat.

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    But what exactly does cloud forensics entail? In this webinar, participants will learn:

    • How cloud forensics differs from traditional on-premises forensics
    • The five core capabilities that should be considered when evaluating a cloud forensics solution
    • How to ensure your cloud forensics and incident response program is proactive vs reactive


    Jordan Bowen, Head of Product Marketing, Cado Security

    Paul Bottomley, Principal Product Manager, Cado Security

    Hosted by Gary Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine Offered Free by: Cado Security


    Categories: Technology