Join Service Desk Outsourcing Strategist Matt Szymanski for a free masterclass. He will share insights into what you need to analyze when working with an outsourced service desk provider. Matt will also share common pitfalls and how to avoid them, including:

  • Relying on ticket close rate as the primary performance metric.
  • How your objectives are misaligned with how your provider generates revenue.
  • Neglecting the cost-reducing recommendations your partner provides.
  • Not determining the root causes of calls.
  • Setting the bar too low for your partner’s performance.

This masterclass is designed for:

  • Service Desk Managers
  • Directors of IT
  • End-User Support Managers
  • VPs of IT  
  • Customer Experience Managers
  • Procurement/Purchasing  
  • CIOs
  • CTOs

Whether you already have outsourced your service desk or are considering it, don't miss this masterclass!


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