Google and Tug, the internationally awarded performance digital agency, are holding a new webinar all about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing how paid and organic search engine marketing works. 

It's called: The Future of Search - the AI and ML impact.

This event is most relevant if you currently spending at least 5K per month on either Google AdWords, or on SEO consultancy.

    This is a no cost complimentary event,  broadcasting live Lunchtime on Tuesday 12th of September from 12pm - 1pm

    They will be looking at how this tech is changing the nature of sentiment tracking - transformative for campaign effectiveness - and much more too (see the site above for more).

    PS: *They’ll be sharing the recording too, so don’t worry if you can’t make it in person).

    Tug + Google Webinar: The Future of Search

    Join Tug and Google for a webinar on what AI and Machine Learning mean for the Future of Search and how new tech innovations are accelerating change.


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