Sure, intent data provides valuable insights into the engagement and behaviors of your target accounts by aggregating the activities of multiple buyers within them.

But while it's exciting to know that a company is showing interest in your services, honing in on individual decision-makers can be like finding a needle in a digital haystack!

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    That's why a comprehensive understanding of intent data, across various levels, is essential for marketing and sales effectiveness, and customer success.

    Join Iron Horse Director of Growth Marketing, Ellen Smoley, and Senior Manager of Demand Generation at NetLine, Josh Baez, on July 25 at 11:00 am PT to gain intent data insights and learn:

    • How to go beyond traditional account-level intent data to gain a comprehensive view of individual buyer behavior.
    • Real-world use cases across marketing, sales, and customer success outlining how GTM teams leverage intent data.
    • Practical tips for establishing ownership within your organization to effectively drive alignment initiatives.
    • The latest trends and statistics highlighting the importance of diverse data sources, plus strategies for effective data integration.


    Categories: Marketing