From community building in a Web3 future to harnessing data-powered decision-making to preparing your team for piloting and scaling AI, you won't want to miss this technology-powered presentation sponsored by Momentive.

Join us for our Future Trends Friday Forum for these three incredible (and incredibly useful) sessions:

    Building a Community Strategy for a Web3 Future
    Speaker: Brian Fanzo
    Learn how digital tokens are impacting business trends and the ways they can increase transparency, build customer trust, and facilitate robust community engagement for your business. 

    The Future of Work: Data’s Role in Powering Decision Making
    Speaker: Liwen Xu & Natalie Aghdaey
    How enabled is the current workforce to make data-driven decisions with the tools they have today? A recent Momentive study asked 7,000+ decision-makers... Tune in to hear the results and what they mean to you.

    AI for B2B in 2023
    Speaker: Paul Roetzer
    Why should AI matter to marketers? Learn more about the vision and opportunity to deliver AI-driven personalization and experiences that modern buyers expect; unlock previously unimaginable creative possibilities; and drive efficiency and revenue growth that leadership demands.

    Key Details
    Date: Friday, January 13
    Time: Sessions start at 11:30am ET
    Where: Online 
    Speakers: Brian Fanzo, Liwen Xu, Natalie Aghdaey, Paul Roetzer

    P.S. Already have plans on January 13? No problem. RSVP now and you’ll still receive all of the sessions and resources on-demand for 90 days after the event.


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