As consumer expectations for digital experiences soar, businesses are under a lot of pressure to deliver real-time personalization. In fact, 66% of consumers will abandon a brand if their experience isn’t personalized, according to Twilio’s 2023 “State of Customer Engagement” report.

For many marketers, adopting a customer data platform (CDP) has been a vital starting point to improve personalization. 

    With a CDP in their tech stack, marketers can develop the data maturity road map necessary for unlocking growth, engagement, and optimization opportunities.

    Join us for a live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Twilio Segment. Our guests will share how to personalize the customer experience—while increasing revenues and protecting your bottom line.

    You will learn how to implement data-driven strategies with a three-step customer data maturity framework, as well as how to:

    • Decide what data should be collected to achieve meaningful engagement
    • Resolve data into unified “golden” profiles that provide a single view of the customer, including their transactions and interaction activities
    • Activate data and profiles to achieve positive business outcomes


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