Do your employees love your procurement process? Don’t worry — your peers have the same problems.

We asked over 1,000 finance and accounting leaders what's tripping them up when it comes to buying software and services. Turns out, nearly 8 out of 10 are hitting roadblocks, and a third are dealing with a process that's just not working.

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    Zip’s B2B Purchasing Trends report spells out why. Teams are swamped with new purchase requests every month, and getting cross-functional approvals is a slow crawl. Plus, a lot of folks are in the dark about what's going on with these purchases. To help, there's a big push to improve automation and approval visibility, with most leaders working to make things faster and smarter, not harder.

    If you're looking to cut costs without cutting corners, this report points you in the right direction. Efficiency, transparency, and user experience are the name of the game for the year ahead.

    See what’s working and what’s not in B2B purchasing. Grab your copy of the report and start fixing procurement pain points today.


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