ChatGPT opened the AI floodgates for both threat actors and defenders to up their game. At the same time, cloud-based applications and services are gradually becoming the norm for many organizations.

These seismic shifts in cybersecurity will shape the face of zero-day attacks, ransomware, and supply chain compromises, leaving security teams wondering if their existing defenses can hold up against a new wave of threats powered by AI and new cloud-borne and cloud-targeted attacks.

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    Topics Include:

    • Tips and Recommendations for determining the best technologies for your enterprise
    • Integrating emerging technologies with existing IT security environments
    • Handling the new landscapes created by Generative AI
    • Managing the threat of identity compromise in the cloud
    • The changing ways of analyzing threat data and events

    Join us March 21, 2024, as we discuss some of the most promising emerging cybersecurity technologies and how you can adopt them into your organizations.


    Categories: Operations