Empower Relationship Managers for Exponential Growth,
Lightning Speed, and Massive Scale

Grow 3X More Revenue Per RM

Relationship Managers (RMs) are the bridge between your bank and your customers. They are in the front line interacting with customers, helping banks deliver the personalized service that customers expect and demand. However, they are often bogged down with siloed customer intelligence, lack of omnichannel engagement capabilities and routine manual work. Customers are also left hanging with no real time, omnichannel assistance and instant fulfilment.

Smart RM is an AI driven platform, that allows your RMs to connect with customers on any channel, get complete customer intelligence in a glance and action centres to instantly fulfil customer needs.

Download the brochure to explore how BUSINESSNEXT’s Smart RM provides advanced sales and service capabilities to the RMs, enabling them to manage 10 times more customers, impacting three times more revenue while enabling a distinctive customer experience.

  • AI-driven platform providing real-time contextual insights into customer profile, needs, and expectations within 100 seconds
  • Guided Action Centres bringing down the complexity and rendering hyper-personalization
  • Single console view of all the channels facilitating maximum efficiency
  • Advanced Playbooks, AI nudges, and real-time performance analytics