Customer Journeys + CRM + AI

 Deliver 1:1experience in Insurance 

    Digital and mobility have raised the bar on insurance experience and expectations from customers. They can now buy policies, file service requests, policy serving, claims servicing and access agents, insurance quotes, and policy information with a few taps on a screen, anytime. The insurance industry faces a crucial, dual opportunity: the chance to fulfill growing customer needs while keeping the cost of operations low, translating into increased profitability and growth.

    To achieve these goals, winning insurers turn to BUSINESSNEXT for personalizing every aspect of the customer experience, develop flexible product service solutions within full compliance and leverage smart processes to enable hyper-automation with hyper scalability. With BUSINESSNEXT’s universe of composable products for insurance, you can quickly tap into emerging sales, service opportunities and offer a continuous channel experience on a unified platform. Meet your customer’s everyday insurance needs and deliver an empowering, transformative customer experience with BUSINESSNEXT.

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