Simplifying corporate banking experiences with CRM + DIGITAL JOURNEYS + AI

The corporate banking landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by digital innovation. However, traditional models face challenges such as fragmented data sources and inefficient processes.

At BUSINESSNEXT, we offer a unified customer experience platform to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. Our solution leverages AI-powered capabilities to create deeper, profitable relationships with corporate clients.

Download our brochure to learn more about how BUSINESSNEXT empowers corporate bankers create deeper, profitable relationships with AI powered capabilities and become the bank that businesses choose:

  • Smart Corporate & Group 360 provides real-time account, contact and group intelligence from a unified customer data platform.
  • Faster sales cycles with advanced opportunity playbooks and AI-driven nudges.
  • Increasing deal values and engagement activities through AI models powered deal management and account planning.
  • Instant business account opening with real-time eKYC, Video KYC.
  • Increasing business lending with an AI-driven risk rating platform that creates business differentiators with custom, smart rating models that are 100% regulatory compliant with faster stress testing.

and much more.