What role does technology play in today’s most in-demand workplaces? How can enterprises provide an employee experience that drives engagement, productivity, and growth in the post pandemic, digitally dispersed workplace?

In this special presentation, our experts will examine the growing intersection between the Employee Experience and the Digital Employee Experience. And also revealing what today’s IT professionals must focus on as they look to a future of changing and expanding workplace responsibilities. 

    Our experts will review research and insights provided by Forrester and discuss how real-world professionals are working to ensure their IT teams contribute to the overall employee experience, with practices and solutions that have been adopted to successfully thrive in today's work environment.

    Attend this webinar and you'll: 
    • Find out what the best digital workplaces are doing to retain their workforce and provide the best possible employee experience.
    • Learn what IT teams can do today to hone employee engagement, workplace flow and community in a digital, dispersed workforce.
    • Discover how IT is going to change over the next five years, and what you do to get ahead of these changes.

    Categories: Technology