As IT leaders seek to harness the potential of automation and artificial intelligence, a wave of innovation is sweeping across crucial functions, particularly within the IT Service Desk. With a significant portion of technicians dedicating 2-3 months annually to manual tasks, the forefront of this transformation lies in automating routine processes such as password resets and employee onboarding.

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    Integration of automation with self-service and Conversational AI is becoming pivotal, empowering IT support desks to shift the control to end-users. This dynamic combination not only reduces the time spent on manual processes but also paves the way for increased utilization of self-service. The incorporation of innovative natural language processors, back-end system integration, and automation is set to redefine self-service, offering a more intuitive and efficient experience.

    Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, this webinar aims to dissect the landscape and identify the most significant benefits on the horizon.

    Join this webinar as we discuss:

    • How is automation changing the IT Service Desk?
    • What will tech-savvy end-users expect from Self Service?
    • Expanding beyond IT to other groups like HR & Facilities
    • How will AI change the way we chat?
    • What will change over the next 2-5 years?


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