Agile development and continuous integration/continuous deployment have changed the game for application development practices, leading enterprises to “shift left” and build security into the software development lifecycle to catch any vulnerabilities before applications go into production. But what about those existing production applications running in the enterprise?

    In this webinar, you'll learn how to use modern security practices to manage the detection and remediation of vulnerabilities in those legacy applications. You’ll also get tips for how to help your dev team balance their development demands with the need to secure applications enterprise-wide.

    During this webinar you will: 
    • Get advice on how to track down applications running throughout your enterprise.
    • Learn best practices for gaining visibility into opaque legacy systems.
    • Gain an understanding of available remediation tools.
    • Put yourself in the mindset of a development team as they “shift left.”

    Presented live by featured speakers Jason Clark & Frank Catucci. Moderated by Becky Bracken.

    Categories: Technology