Identity security is quickly emerging as a top priority to help organizations improve their overall cybersecurity posture. But how do you get from here to there? The path forward isn’t always clear.

To learn more, One Identity recently commissioned a survey of 1,000 top IT security professionals. Key questions we hoped to answer included:

      • Where is the identity security industry today?
      • What are the challenges do you need to overcome to tame identity sprawl?
      • How can you close the gap and shrink your windows of exposure?

      The survey addressed these items and more. Here are a few key findings:

      • 95% report challenges in managing identities overall
      • 25% say that the number of identities they manage has increased by a factor of 10 or more
      • 12% are confident that they can prevent a credential-based attack
      • 48% are looking for an end-to-end unification of identities and accounts

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