Smartphones in 2023 will play an even bigger role in connecting devices and customer experiences. But mobile marketers and advertisers need new strategies to succeed in a world with increasingly constrained access to customer data.

In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, our principal analyst Yory Wurmser will walk you through exciting trends emerging for mobile.

    You’ll learn how:

    • Measurement innovations will take off, though advertisers will need to readjust their models for less deterministic data
    • Mobile is accelerating to become the “remote control” of the home, connecting smart home devices (e.g., TV, fridge, speakers) and expanding insights into consumers’ lifestyles
    • Augmented reality experiences, anchored to exact locations or points of interest, will grow thanks to the popularity of QR codes
    • The race is on for mobile network providers to be the first to offer satellite connectivity to its customers through space-based networks

    After his presentation, Yory will be joined by Jess Zhu, head of advertising products and development at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. Don’t miss it.

    Categories: Marketing