Over the past 20 years — and even more so in the past two years — loyalty has declined. As a result, employers must act quickly to address falling job satisfaction rates and meet the expectations of workers from various generations, races, gender identities, and industries.

20 years of insights into employer employee dynamics

The MetLife 2021 Employee Benefit Trends study marks two decades of research highlighting just how much the workplace and benefits landscape has evolved and how imperative it is to continually enhance the whole employee experience to meet the diverse needs of all workers.

    Strengthening the Whole Employee Experience

    Fostering a more satisfying and productive workplace starts by focusing on the whole employee. Holistically healthy employees are 74% more likely to be satisfied with their job and 53% more likely to be productive. Our report identified five key areas that employers can address to create a more satisfying and holistic experience for their diverse workforce.

    Employees who are satisfied with their employers’ measures in five key areas are:

    • 2x more likely to stay because of purposeful work.
    • 1.8x more likely to stay because of flexibility and work life balance.
    • 1.5x more likely to stay because of social and supportive cultures.
    • 1.7x more likely to stay because of career development/training.
    • 1.6x more likely to stay because of wellness programs and benefits.

    See how addressing these five key areas can help you meet the diverging needs of employees to improve the holistic health of your workforce.

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