The intranasal delivery route has generated considerable interest in the past couple of years, with numerous studies demonstrating promising results in improving the delivery of therapeutic vaccines. However, the rapidly growing cost of the overall development and manufacturing can be challenging, particularly for emerging biotech companies. To provide high-quality vaccine products, the formulations and delivery approaches need to be considered in designing new vaccines to ensure efficient induction of the innate and adaptive immune responses.

    In addition, manufacturing facilities need to be upgraded and expanded to scale the production to meet the potential rising of global demand for intranasal vaccines. In this webinar, experts will share insights into intranasal vaccine formulation development and discuss the current state of the art in intranasal vaccine production from development to commercial scale. In addition, a detailed discussion on the challenges and opportunities of intranasal approaches will be presented including the importance of device selection in determining product performance.

    Key learning objectives:

    • Describe the key factors that determine the success of an intranasal vaccine formulation
    • Describe key manufacturing capabilities of intranasal vaccines
    • Define the impact of key device characteristics on the delivery of liquid and powder based intranasal vaccines

    Categories: Health Care