AI is revolutionizing various industries and particularly making its presence felt in the Finance industry and in the Healthcare sector. Join us for this Digital Symposium to learn more about the promising applications for AI in these areas from first-class industry leaders.

This two-day event will drill down into the key opportunities for AI implementation across two of the main verticals seeing huge growth and progress in technologies - Finance and Healthcare. Give yourself a step-up with educational and informative sessions on how key thought leaders in this space have applied AI at scale and pace, and tackling challenges faced.

    In this virtual event, we will address the following topics:

    Finance (Day One, April 27)

    • AI in Fraud Prevention
    • Data Issues and Predictions from Data
    • Building Trustworthy AI Products in Financial Services
    • Transparent and Ethical AI

    Healthcare (Day Two, April 28)

    • Leveraging AI to Provide Patient-Centric Healthcare Solutions
    • Using AI as a Preventative Medicine
    • Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine
    • Using AI to Predict Medicine and Drug Discoveries
    • AI Use in Cutting-Edge Diagnostics

    Featured speakers include experts from the likes of Lloyd's Banking Group, among others!


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